Wisdom Kennels is a small family operation occasionally providing high-quality pets for sale. We are not in the "kennel business" but are animal lovers, SPCA and Humane Society supporters, who share a passion for Australian Shepherds and are working on creating a very special smaller-than-average version of one of the world's smartest dogs.

Our animals are hand-raised in a house and are acclimated to both inside and farm life.

There are many Aussie breeders out there, but very few miniature Aussies, and among those, even less who actually have AKC-registered Aussies that are minis. We recently found a stud for our toy-size AKC-aussie, Luna. The stud is not AKC but NASD registered, so we dual-registered Luna as NASD so this upcoming litter will be NASD-registerable but also have an AKC pedigree on the mother's side.

Mini-aussies make wonderful pets, or could be used in shows or obedience trials. Our mini-Aussies are particularly acclimated towards pet life. We do not dock tails - which is also rare among Aussie breeders. We do not feel tail docking is humane or necessary.

Our latest couple is Luna, a puppy from an early litter of Voltage and Calliope, along with an amazing blue merle male with two blue eyes that is even smaller, named Beaux. Above are the two of them together. She weighs 10 pounds and he weighs 9 pounds.

Check our mini-aussie facebook page for additional info, pictures and videos.
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